On demand trash pick-up for airbnbs!

Big Bear, Arrowhead & surrounding areas trash pick-up

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4-6 hrs/day
5 days/wk

Launching August 1, 2021

Managing your trash situation is a necessity.

Whether it's because you have the next guest coming soon
or you just don't want critters making a mess.

This is why we offer on demand trash pick-up.

How does it work?
-Schedule a pick-up online (order form coming here shortly)
when your guests are scheduled to checkout.
-We’ll pick up at your requested time that day.

Why choose us?
-We’re locals to Big Bear & Arrowhead providing fast service.
-We do trash pick-up everyday. Sunday is a $10 additional fee. (7:30am-3:30pm)
-Request pick-up same day or in advance.
-We pick up holidays except Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve & New Year's Day.

Covering Big Bear, Arrowhead & surrounding areas

Want to contact us?
Call 888-MTN-HAUL or email contact@mtnhaul.com

Get notified of our launch on June 1st, 2021!

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